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Tazenat Gour

Charbonnières-les-Vieilles Ouvert
© Tazenat Gour - OT Combrailles
  • © Tazenat Gour - ELyas Saens
  • © Tazenat Gour - OT Combrailles

The Gour of Tazenat is a crater lake which forms a nearly perfect circle, 700m in diameter and around 66m deep with clear water. Surrounded by forest. There is a small restaurant at the edge of the lake near the car park:


The Gour de Tazenat, which resulted from molten lava coming into contact with a body of water not far below ground, is a crater lake or maar, an unusual result of volcanic activity. The result is spectacular, with an almost perfect circle, 700 metres in diameter, around 90 metres deep and with crystal-clear water, surrounded by forests.


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Free access.

Période d'ouverture

All year round.



Animaux acceptés : Oui

Tazenat Gour
63410 Charbonnières-les-Vieilles