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Discovery tour of the Sioule Gorges

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From Queuille to Menat, immersion in the gorges of the Sioule! This route will take you to discover the landscapes of the gorges, and the local heritage (churches, abbeys, fortified castle ...).


A quiet, wild itinerary, rich in discovery, in a natural and preserved territory. : 34 km for your viewing pleasure.

Stage 1: Meander of Queuille - magnificent viewpoint
Stage 2: Châteauneuf-les-Bains, thermal village - Sioule, sources, Alibert peak, arboretum ...
Stage 3: Lisseuil, Marian village - Romanesque church and miraculous spring
Stage 4: Château Rocher, medieval fortress - Partially reopened for visitors after a first phase of work, it offers a superb view of the valley.
Stage 5: Pont de Menat, Romanesque bridge - superb medieval bridge which made it possible to cross the Sioule
Stage 6: Menat Abbey - 12th century abbey church.
Stage 7 : Point of view on the Meander of Rochocol


  • In the country
  • Waterside


Free of charge.

Période d'ouverture

All year round.

Langues parlées

  • French



Animaux acceptés : Oui

Animaux acceptés avec supplément : Non

Discovery tour of the Sioule Gorges
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