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Groves and cheeses

Saint-Gervais-d'Auvergne Ouvert
© Groves and cheeses - SAS MAISON THOMAS
  • © Groves and cheeses - SAS Maison Thomas
  • © Groves and cheeses - SAS MAISON THOMAS

At the shop, you will find: farm products, seasonal vegetables produced by local market gardeners, cheeses from Combrailles, Auvergne and elsewhere, wines and beers, groceries and beauty products (soaps, floral waters, essential oils, hydrolats...) as well as fresh artisan bread on Tuesdays.
Cheese and/or charcuterie platters on order to take away.
In summer, tasting plates of cheese and charcuterie with a drink on the terrace in front of the store.


Local products for sale here:

Side charcuterie and jars:
Auvergne ham
Jesus of Auvergne
Auvergne rosette
Auvergne sausages

For drinks:
Beer with honey;
Beer – Brasserie Comboro;
Beer – La Belle Poule;
Wine - Saint Pourcain;
Vin Côte d'Auvergne – Auzolle;
Walnut wine;
Hemp wine;
Saint Nicholas of Bourgueil;
PIC – Saint Loup – Bio;
Cream of Chestnut;
Abbey liqueur – Gentian;

Jams – Jams of Mary;
Jams – Laure Jams;
Wheat, maize, chestnut, buckwheat and whole rice flour;
Sunflower, walnut, hazelnut, rapeseed, camelina and olive oil;
Apple juice;
Forest or lime honey;
Nectar of fruit;
Buckwheat farm pasta;
Flavoured salts;
Garlic and raspberry vinegar;
Fruit pasta;
Fruits and vegetables of Combrailles market gardeners (according to seasonality)

Fromagerie side:
Bleu d'Auvergne;
Blue of Laqeuille;
Bezenet, fresh or semi-dry;
Cantal between two or old;
Champelou Bleu;
Countess of Vichy;
Fourme d'Ambert;
Fourme de Rochefort;
Gaperon of Liguria and Maringues;
Correzien pavement;
Languiole Vieux;
Combrailles goat and sheep
St Nectaire;
Tomme de pays, fraiche, with artisons, pierrefort, Rilhac, Salers, …;
Bufflonne Blue;

Cosmetic side:
Dry shampoo;
Dry oil
Shea butter
Soap dish in Volvic stone;


Free access.

Modes de paiement

  • Bank/credit card
  • Cash

Période d'ouverture

From 02/01 to 31/12/2024.
Closed on Thursday.

Langues parlées

  • French

Tourisme adapté

  • Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance



Animaux acceptés : Oui


  • Sustainable tourism

    Support for the local economy by highlighting often young local producers thanks to my store located in a rural area that needs a new dynamic

  • Host portrait

    Passionate about cheeses and local products that tell a story, my values ​​are to guarantee a qualitative approach, as local as possible, and with respect for the environment and our health. to take the time to accompany my clients in their choices and their requests. I will be happy to welcome you with a smile and good humor to always serve you better.

Groves and cheeses
13 rue Mercière 63390 Saint-Gervais-d'Auvergne